Professional Catering Services



Professional Catering Services has been serving some of the largest festivals in North America for over 20 years. Led by crew of traveled passionate chefs, we deliver amazing food and adaptable service to events of any size.


Meet our team 



Professional Catering Services crafts exceptional meals at high volume. Our crew cares about the food you eat. The difference is in the details! We pride ourselves in being a highly curated, passionate team of in-house chefs who put the extra touch in your dish. We enjoy cooking traditional, well-loved foods, as well as unique recipes for your staff and artists to enjoy. Whether its basil ice cream or a seafood cioppino, expect your meal to be memorable. We also love providing comfort food favorites - our backyard BBQ and taco night are sure to rival what you cook at home.

Professional Catering Services is committed to serving your festival needs with professionality and attention to detail- whether we are feeding two hundred or twelve hundred people.